Service Categories

A set of service categorisation schemes for use in artefacts that describe services.

Service Category Description HTML
CodeServiceType A categorisation of services based on the nature of the service. Access
CodeApplicationMessageExchangePatternType A categorisation of services based on the type of application message exchange pattern. Access
CodeICAORegionType The list of ICAO Regions as defined in Appendix 1 to the Directives to Regional Air Navigation Meetings and Rules of Procedure for their Conduct (ICAO Doc 8144-AN/874). Access
CodeBusinessActivityType A categorisation of services based on the type of business activity. Access
CodeLifeCycleStageType A categorisation of services based on the current, past, or future availability for provisioning. Access
CodeRegulatedInformationExchangeType A categorisation of services based on the information exchanges that are regulated in European Union law, i.e., Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/116, Common Project One that replaces Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 716/2014, Pilot Common Project. Access
CodeStakeholderType A categorisation of services based on the type of stakeholder. Access
CodeSWIMServiceArtefactType A categorisation of service artefacts. Access
CodeInformationDomainType A categorisation of services based on information domains. Access
CodeDocumentType Types of documents. Access
CodeInformationExchangeModelType A list of information exchange models created by communities of interest. Access
CodeSecurityMechanismType A list of security mechanism enabling secured information exchange. Access
CodeQualityOfServiceMeasureType A categorisation of services based on the quality characteristics to be taken into account when evaluating the properties of a service. The scheme can be augmented based on ISO/IEC 25010 ( Access
CodeServiceValidationType Activities whereby a service is checked for conformance with the service objectives and requirements. Access
CodeTIYPServiceInterfaceBindingType Interface bindings listed in the EUROCONTROL Specification for SWIM Technical Infrastructure Yellow Profile that enable services to exchange data with consuming applications. Access
CodePrimitiveMessageExchangePatternType Message exchange patterns that are directly related to the capability of the lower level protocols. Access
CodeAccessAndUseConditionType Types of restrictions on the access and use of a service. Access


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