SWIM Information Definition Handbook

Last updated:  MAY 21st, 2019

Role of the handbook

The Specification for SWIM Information Definition sets out a number of requirements to be met by an information definition. It provides some basic examples to illustrate the requirements. However, the specification does not give exhaustive details on how to satisfy the requirements.

This handbook gives guidance to help information definition authors and AIRM conformance report authors to satisfy the requirements.

The guidance contained in the handbook promotes the creation of better information definitions. It will lead to greater harmonisation in the implementation of the specification.

Target audiences

  • Information definition authors
  • AIRM conformance report authors
  • AIRM conformance report auditors and readers

Content structure

The handbook is organised into key topics.

Introduction to the specification. This introduces the purpose and context for the specification. It introduces semantic correspondence and semantic interoperability. It gives an overview of the requirements in the specification.

Guidance on the general requirements. This provides support in order to satisfy the general requirements contained in the specification.

Guidance on semantic correspondence. This provides support in order to satisfy the semantic correspondence requirements contained in the specification.

Resources. This provides examples, recommendations on how to satisfy the requirements in various formats and a verification checklist.

Full table of contents

The SWIM Information Definition Handbook is advisory in nature. It is created and maintained by a community of interest and evolves over times as the community identifies new examples and good practices. To become a member of the community, please send an email to swim@eurocontrol.int.

The handbook includes the requirements found in the Specification for SWIM Information Definition. However, it does not replace the specification. Users of the handbook are advised to download the specification using the quick links above.

The specification has a dependency on the ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM). This can be downloaded, or viewed online using the quick links above.